These adorable mini bags of cotton candy (4x6in) are the PERFECT favour if you are looking to give your guests a simple, sweet treat that says "I love you!" and "you're awesome!". Fluffypuffs come in all 12 of our flavours and can be customized with a personalized label to suit any type of special event!

One Flavour Bags: $2.50


Two Flavour Bags: $3.00


Three Flavour Bags: $3.50

Customized Labels : Flat $10 fee regardless of how many you need! 

*Please note we require a minimum order of 12 Fluffypuffs! Bulk Pricing Available upon request! 

"At the Fair" Bags

Our "at the fair" bags are perfect as party favours at your next birthday celebration or as a surprise treat for your next family gathering. Have fun mixing and matching the flavours in these bags (we have over 10 flavours to choose from!) and surprise your guests with cotton candy flavours they've never indulged in before!
All of our at the fair bags are double bagged and heat sealed to ensure lasting freshness :) 

Purchase of 10+bags: $5.00


Rainbow Bags (5 flavours/bag): $6.50

*Minimum purchase of 10 bags required*